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Web Marketing

Internet marketing is the promotion of commercial products and services over the internet. Normally it includes search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, mobile promotion, and advertising through ads in websites.

Maargga Web Solutions provides professional web marketing services to expand the reach of your business to include the internet. We give you the window to market through emails, SMS’s, banner advertisement through websites, and improving the visibility and search engine reputation of your website by SEO. We will also help you along the way to maintain good traffic to your site.

SEO  is the process of improving the visibility of the company website via the unpaid and unsponsored search results. It involves considering factors like how search engines work, what people search for and what keywords are frequently used, which search engines are preferred and how frequently the website features in the search results.

Email marketing  is a direct marketing process adopted for promotion, good customer relationships and sales by sending email messages to clients over the internet.

Mobile advertising  is done through wireless devices and mobile phones especially through SMS’s for the purpose of promoting commercial products and services.